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Gary Osif

Mike Harmon Tribute Flight

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Tonight, we fly in Tribute to one of our fallen.


This will be a coordinated group flight with experienced formation pilots hosted by PROPS Racing. If you feel your formation skills are needing work, come on out! There will be fun for all.


If you would like to fly in the group or join as an observer, this will be a fun and somewhat unique session more akin to an airshow fly-in.


Email me for details.




We will be flying the freeware AlphaBleuCiel Corsair with any similar warbird optional. Cruise speed should be 280kias or so.


The flight will be preceded by a briefing and our arrival will include several passes with a missing man flyby being flown by the man responsible for this flight, Jon Medlin.


If you have the skills and the desire to be a part of this flight, email me.

If you would like to follow incognito or be at the airport to see the arrival, feel free to join as an observer. It's a great option for pilots wanting to see how things work and get up to speed with this style of flying.


We will be flying on the PROPS Race server and TeamSpeak with this possibly being changed to the ATC Server so we can file flight plans.


Come be a part of a great flight for a great guy and thanks again to Jon for the impetus.

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Last night was awesome and I want to thank everyone that came out for the flight.


This link will only be good for a week so get over there and take a look at all the screenies John 'Haunted' Blach took. Too bad he didn't have all the textures installed!


Thanks, John.



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