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Weapons Pack Version 01feb04 Released!

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You can download the latest pack here:






This pack was designed to use the flare effect by 331KillerBee and the white phosphorus effect by Zieher.


You can download those here:






The Weapons Pack is now compatable with the SFP1 Mod Manager! Save the .zips to your LoMan/addons_sfp1 folder and install using SFP1Man.


If you would rather install them manually, unzip the contents of the .zip to your "weapons" folder and move the gundata.dat file to the "objects" folder.


The enhancements and improvements to the realism of these weapons are too numerous to mention here. Thanks go out to 331KillerBee, Lawn-Dart, Tomcat, Armourdave, Crab 02 and WPNSSSGT for making this happen.


New weapons included since the last pack:


AIM-9F by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9N by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9J-3 by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9M by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9M-8/9 by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9P-3 by Lawn-Dart

AIM-9P-5 by Lawn-Dart

AA-1 Alkali-B by Lawn-Dart

AA-1 Alkali-C by Lawn-Dart

AA-2 Atoll-C by Lawn-Dart

AA-2 Atoll-E by Lawn-Dart

AA-3 Anab-A by Lawn-Dart

AA-3 Anab-B by Lawn-Dart

AA-3 Anab-C by Lawn-Dart

AA-3 Anab-D by Lawn-Dart

RBK-500 PTAB by Tomcat

RBK-500 ZAB 2.5 Tomcat

RBK-500 OAB 2.5RT Tomcat

Double LAU-10 by CRAB_02

Triple LAU-10 by CRAB_02

Zuni APS by CRAB_02

Mk 82 w/fuse extenders by CRAB_02

BLU-27 by CRAB_02

BL-755 by Bunyap

USN/USMC Dual Zuni launcher by Crab_02

Zuni APS by Crab_02

CBU-30/A Dispenser by Tomcat1974

BLU-39/B23 submunition by Tomcat1974

CBU-7A/A Dispenser by Tomcat1974

BLU-18/B submunition by Tomcat1974

CBU-38/A Dispenser by Tomcat1974

BLU-49/B submunition by Tomcat1974

CBU-38A/A Dispenser by Tomcat1974

BLU-49A/B submunition by Tomcat1974

Mk 13/18 Bomb by Bunyap

BLG-66 Bulouga Cluster Bomb by Bunyap

CBU-14A/A by Bunyap

CBU-22/A by Bunyap

CBU-25/A by Bunyap

CBU-57/A by Bunyap

BLU-3/B submunition by Tomcat1974

BLU-17/B submunition by Tomcat1974

BLU-24/B submunition by Tomcat1974

BLU-69/B submunition by Tomcat1974

SUU-11B/A Gun Pod by Tomcat1974

F-84 Triple Rocket Launcher by BPAO

AN-M30 by Pasko

AN-M64 by Pasko

AN-M65 by Pasko

Python 3 by Tomcat1974

A-4C Dorsal Faring by Crab_02/Diego

A-4C Dorsal Faring Camo by Crab_02/Diego

A-4P Dorsal Faring by Crab_02/Diego

A-4P Dorsal Faring Camo by Crab_02/Diego

A-4Q Dorsal Faring by Crab_02/Diego

RP-1 Izumrud Pack (MiG-17 PFU) by Pasko

RP-1 Izumrud Radar (MiG-17 PFU) by Pasko

AC-130 gunpod by Pasko

Hawk by Pasko

SA-9 Strela by Pasko

SA-8 by Pasko

SA-7 Grail by Pasko

SA-3 Goa by Pasko

Chaparral by Pasko

300 gal A-4C Tank by Crab_02/Diego

300 gal A-4C Tank Camo by Crab_02/Diego

300 gal A-4N Tank by Crab_02/Diego

300 gal A-4N Tank Camo by Crab_02/Diego

300 gal A-4NF Tank by Crab_02/Diego

300 gal A-4NF Tank Camo by Crab_02/Diego

300-gal A-4P Tank by Crab_02/Diego

Panther Fuel Tanks by Pasko

7.62mm M134 MiniGun by Tomcat

SUU-11 Gun Pod by Tomcat

SPPU-22 Gun Pod by Tomcat



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