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sorry came to the issue off holding back at the moment, see if dev team address

more sound issues within lockon first, before if am allowed to upload ver 2.0 sound mod,

also , version 1.0 mod sadly never got much feedback, anyway wait and see

what holds out .

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Hmm ... well, I just submitted a 6.2meg, LoMan 2.0 compatible zip of sounds ... and they really kick butt to!...




README - lockon sound effects replacement_ogg.txt





Lock On Sound Effects - A complete replacement collection.



Compiled and edited by zzzspace of No.1. Sqd. VAAF "BUSHRANGERS".



I have compiled a set of complete replacement sound effect files, to be placed in the below folder in place of the standard Lock On effect files.


I recommend you back up the originals before installing these replacements:


C:\Program files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Sounds\Effects


There are two configuration files as well which must be placed in the following folder; the files "Plane.cfg" and "Sound.cfg" go into this folder:


C:\Program files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Sounds




All files files (with the exception of the .txt one you are currently reading) in the “zzz_lockon_sound_effects_ogg.zip” file, MUST be installed as indicated, or the .ogg files will not work in Lock On. Do NOT leave the standard .wave files in the effects folder because as a default Lock On will preferentially use the .wav files if available, and thereby ignore the new .oggs, so make sure that you have removed and backed up all of the .wav files from the effects folder.


These replacement sound files were carefully selected and edited to produce the most complete and highest quality sound effects compilation presently available for Lock On. Every file has been massaged to produce the most bold and authentic set of modern jet combat sounds yet produced.


Lock On uses either .wav or .ogg files; or even both types mixed together.


I have made these sound effects replacements in .ogg format, because they are both smaller, and contain more higher frequency detail and clarity than the standard installed .wav files of even larger size. These replacement files were not specifically designed as a 'go fast' sound mod 'optimisation' (although they may indeed be faster at execution, they are certainly smaller).


They were edited for maximum sonic impact on a high performance PC with a top quality sound system. A lot of effort and testing was put into editing and carefully balancing related sounds in order to achieve maximum sonic authenticity and also the maximum playablility.


after all, what's the point of having a sound effect for the airbrake, or jettison, or gear, or flaps, if you can't clearly hear them when you need to?





These are the Lock On sound options settings I use:




MUSIC = 25%

RADIO = 75%

ENGINES = 100%


EFFECTS = 100%

WIND = 100%








USUAL DISCLAIMER - Use these files at your own risk. The zip file containing these files, and the files themselves have been checked with the latest update of PC-cillan, and have passed 100% clear of known computer viruses.











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LoMAn 2.0 compatible Lock On sound effects replacement suite is now down-loadable!



(Thanks Ado – “Malletta” for hosting!)


NOTE: These are .ogg files so don’t forget to also manually remove the .wav files from the effects folder (as per readme.txt);


C:\Program files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Sounds\Effects





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