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Weapons Pack Ver 24/02/04 Available For Download

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Bunyap and team strike back. :)




To Install:


Either save to your loman/addons_sfp1 directory and use LOMAN.




Unzip the contents into your /objects/weapons folder and copy the gundata.dat to /objects



What's New:


75mm L70 KWK42 Gun by GEO

Yak-25 Tanks by Pasko

LANTIRN pods by cbheirro

FAB-500 M62 500-kg Bomb by Tomcat

BetAB-500Sh by Tomcat

Mk 43 Nuclear Bomb by Tomcat

PL-1 by Lawn-Dart

PL-2A by Lawn-Dart

PL-2B by Lawn-Dart

PL-3 by Lawn-Dart

PL-5B by Lawn-Dart

PL-7 by Lawn-Dart

PL-7A by Lawn-Dart

PL-8 by Lawn-Dart

PL-8A by Lawn-Dart

F-4F/ICE Fuel Tanks by Striker01/USAFMTL/Column5

PB-250 Retarded Bomb by Tomcat

AIM-7A by Lawn-Dart

AIM-7C by Lawn-Dart

RS-1U by Lawn-Dart

RS-2U by Lawn-Dart

R-8R by Lawn-Dart

R-8T by Lawn-Dart

R-60M by Lawn-Dart

MiG-19 Fuel Tank by Crab_02

A-4 300gal Fuel Tank by Crab_02

A-4E (late) enhancements by Crab_02

A-4F enhancements by Crab_02

A-4L enhancements by Crab_02

Shenyang F-6 by Crab_02



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Wow! Your team doesnt dally about does it? Lookin forward to this wep pack, its got the nuke! Thanks for all the effort guys. This will also make the A-4E easier to install, I wont have to fool around with the wep editor. Two cool things to download tonight when I get home. B)

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