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[Fictional] F-100I 'Shavit' (Comet) for SF2

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[Fictional] F-100I 'Shavit' (Comet) for SF2



This is a simple mod of the stock Third Wire F-100D to give a fictional F-100I 'Shavit' (Comet) of the Israeli Air Force with markings for;


No.117 squadron - 'The First Jet Squadron' in a natural metal scheme.


No.253 squadron - 'The Negev Squadron' in a USAF SEA scheme (as transferred from USAF stocks in October 1973).


This should work in any SF2 game featuring the stock Third Wire F-100D but has only been tested in a merged install of SF2/SF2V/SF2E/SF2I.





The F-100 Super Sabre in Heyl Ha'Avir service.


Despite a very smooth test and development phase North American Aviation's superb F-107 unexpectedly lost out to Republic Aviation's F-105 Thunderchief in the competition for a new supersonic fighter-bomber

for TAC. By early 1959 the end of the F-100D production line was now in sight and with the F-108, B-70 and A3J (Vigilante) programmes now on the far horizon North American Aviation needed to stretch the F-100 Super Sabre programme out to plug the gap and urgently proposed a variety of F-100 variants to several friendly nations, including Israel, Japan and the United Kingdom.


In April 1959 the Israeli government signed for 50 F-100I's (a minimum change variant of the F-100D) and the first of these entered Heyl Ha'Avir service in February 1960 replacing the obsolete Gloster Meteors of

No.117 squadron. The 'Shavit' was a popular machine in Heyl Ha'Avir service and served with distinction during the 1967 'Six-Day' war but losses were heavy during the early days of the 1973 'Yom Kippur' war and

two small batches of ex-USAF F-100D's were accquired as attrition replacements allowing No.253 squadron to re-equip with the F-100D before finally retiring the type in November 1977.





1. Drop the F-100I folder into your Aircraft folder.


2. Sprinkle the contents of the Decals folder into your main Decals folder. If you haven't got a Decals folder

inside your Objects folder then simply move my Decals folder into your Objects folder.





BIG THANKS to TK for the continuous improvement of a great little game/sim.


Special thanks to guyran for suggesting the 'Shavit' name.


And finally, special thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community.







v1.0 18/10/09




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Nice skin, keep em comin spinners. Any chance on a f-105 or thud in Israeli service if they bought them at the time?

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Stunning as usual :yikes: !!! Spinners, could you post too your what-if Saab J-21R silver/camo and the Attacker silver PLEASE??? :drinks:

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