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Nick Tselepides


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In Greece it is election day today. A sunny Sunday.The people in the streets are in their Sunday best clothes, smiling, and going to the nearest electoral center to vote. From 18 onwards, all ages, the old included, carrying their dignity and pride with them despite the occasional walking stick to help them along. The men, limber and well-shaven most wearing a tie, and the women, properly scented and elegant.The kids traling behind their parentsfor the cake or icecream to follow in the cafe later, under the green trees, outdoors...A picture from old times? No. It is happening here today, thank God.


In the old times, feudal and before that, government changed through war and bloodshed. Lives were lost, famine and diseases often came with the wars, and the people were at the mercy of warlike rulers who treated them like slaves...

Today, a morning comes when one simply strolls into the voting room, drops a vote in a box, and the next morning, he has a new government to rule his fates and the state. In Greece, voting day is like a holiday, and everyone is glued to the TV Sunday night till late, watching the results as they come in from the various parts of the country..In a few hours, without bloodshed, a new administation comes on, and the old one walks off quietly, as if nothing had happened. The process repeats itself every four years or so in most places. Power is handed over in a quiet, civilized way, without much fuss. And it is taken for granted that things should be that way by most countries.

;) Democracy. A real gift. It was first invented in ancient Greece, and the world has followed suit. The Dark Ages saw its demise by the barbarians. The Enlightenment and the French Revolution brought it back. "Demos" means people in Greek, and "-cracy" means Power, from the verb "crato" = to hold power.

In 15 minutes from now, I will have cast my vote, and done my supreme civil duty.


Nick Tselepides

(Also posted at the simhqforums)

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