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P-47d By Wolf Released

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Download here:










The readme:


First the disclaimer and legal mumbo-jumbo:

You download and install this add-on aircraft at your own risk, it's been tested on several dis-similar systems and caused no problems but your mileage my vary.

This aircraft model is not endorsed by TK, Third Wire, Strategy First or Republic Aviation.

The model, cockpit and base paintjob were done by me alone so any errors are my fault, complaints and suggestions should be directed to me at the Stike Fighters Forum at SimHQ.

You are free to distribute this add-on aircraft as long as it's done as the complete orginal zip file including this read-me file.

You are also free to repaint it in any manner you chose.


You are not free to charge for it or otherwise try to make money with it.


IMPORTANT! Make sure you have installed the latest Weapons Pack.


This is the first release in a series of WWII Aircraft I'm doing.



This model of the P-47D series is fairly representative of the type found in the European Theater in late 1943 and early 1944.

While I have it listed as a D-20 it's more typical of the D-15.

There are a few operational points to be aware of.

1. This is a heavy aircraft and it requires a lot of runway, trying to take off too soon will most likely result in a stall followed by a huge fireball.

It's suggested that you let the speed build to approximately 120 knots before you try to get airborn.

2. Plan your bomb run ahead of time and allow yourself enough altitude to pull-out.

The plane tends to mush at the bottom of the pull-out so be ready for it.

Be aware that the plane accelerated very rapidly in a dive.


Not all the piston engine intruments are supported by the game so there are a few secondary gauges that don't do anything.

I found a workaround for several of the unsupported but more important instruments and they are calibrated as close to real world as I could get them.

42 inches of manifold pressure is Normal Power

52 inches of manifold pressure is Military Power

64 inches of manifold pressure is War Emergency Power



Aircraft Model, Cockpit, Basic Paint, FM and supporting data files: WOLF257

Model/Paint Technical Help and Major Moral Support: ArmourDave and Column5 (Thanks Guys)

Historical Research Material and two very, very neat historical decal sets kindly provided by Major Lee ( Big Thanks! Ken)


Last words.

Why did I decide to build WWII planes when there are other sims out that cover the period?

Some of my most enjoyable simming, both on and offline, was with European Air War, I'm a confirmed WWII prop head and I make no apologies about it.

Strike Fighters has given me a platform to indulge in my favorite period to an almost unlimited extent and I'm going to take full advantage of it.



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Nice skin work, but I love the cockpit most of all. Very nicely done Wolf!

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Nice Job! But it looks like a P-47B or P-47C, not a P-47D. The D model had a bubble canopy.


Whoops, just double-checked... the bubble canopy didn't become standard until the P-47D-25-E series. Sorry. :)

Edited by Saedor

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