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New clip of SIlent Hunter V

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Will be in the store in early march. Only Type VII boats (but also the early A, B and C/41-42). Also seems campaign only goes until 1943, but maybe there's a later download or whatever, also other boats maybe.




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Its true. I read the subsim.com interview with the games developer. They didn't like the reaction it got from the forums, and had subsim pull half the interview (part about type VII only, and '43 ending) from the site.

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i have it from subsim.com, but they did not withdraw half of the interview (?) - it is in two parts



The dev-team (or better Dan/Elanaiba) said they will not go the "pay-per-item" way, but the copy protection itself is not yet approved, and they cannot talk about it. It is independent from the developers and Ubisoft's decision.


Taking a look at "Rise of Flight" and thinking of a developed marketing idea i think it will be as follows:


1st you will have to buy the initial allowance to play the game,

2nd you may then buy the game, but pay a monthly fee for using,

3rd it will install Starforce Mk XVIII on your PC which will install itself in the eproms of your motherboard and can never be deleted again, until you pay for a removal,

4th you will pay for every upgrade like snorkel, decoys, special torpedos etc.,

5th certainly also pay for every other type of U-boat,

(5 1/2 pay for another face of your captain's avatar)

6th you need a special to be paid for permanent physical direct line connection to the Moscow KGB server, or maybe to Beijing,

7th you will certainly be online all the time and pay for every second, but especially when you are doing online banking with your PC.





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