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BC2: Conflict Tourny Coming

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We at Conflict – Tournaments want to invite you to join our Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tournament. Conflict Tournaments is a community that runs tournaments with organized team play. Conflict Tournaments formerly ran under the name of Conflict 2142 for three years with Battlefield 2142.


In the Conflict Bad Company 2 Tournament there will be two armies that will fight against each other each Saturday from 19:00 GMT until 1:00 GMT across two servers. Soldiers are then assigned to companies (squads) which they stay with for the duration of the campaign and work together as a team. Both armies practice during the week to gear up for each battle day.


Each campaign runs for nine weeks. The Tournament features highly-organized armies with a tournament rank structure so that as you play you progress through the ranks. Awards are given throughout battle days and shown off in your own award showcase.


In addition to the army battle, we are planning a Squad Ladder system that will run alongside the main campaign. In the Squad Ladder, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush will be played and squads will be pitted against each other. At the end of each army campaign the top three squads are awarded medals.


If you want to get the most out of Bad Company 2 and play with a highly-organized, teamplay-oriented tournament with ranks and awards, check out our website! www.conflict-tournaments.com Pick up your gun and join the Conflict today!


You’re Conflict Tournament Staff





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