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Israeli Vautours Pt.1: Vautour IIA (1958-1971)

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Israeli Vautours Pt.1: Vautour IIA (1958-1971)

This skin pack is for Thirdwire's stock SNCASO Vautour IIA and depicts all single seat Vautours in Israeli service from 1958 to 1971. All A models were operated

by No. 110 Knights of the North Squadron based at Ramat David. Beginning in 1970, the Vautour IIAs were replaced by the A-4 Ayit.



Extract the content of the archive and put the Objects folder into your SF2I mod folder.



Original skins - Thirdwire

Decals and inis - wilco

Testing - guyran, ekek


Have fun!


Team Flying Dragon (alex70b, ekek, guyran, Stick, wilco)


Released under the CombatAce Fair-Use License.

If you have any problems or comments, contact us at CombatAce.

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The TK Vautour IIA is missing the external pylons.

How can we ad them ?

I am thinking of using the "fake pilot" method, is this the right way ?

Can somebody explain me how to do ?


Thank you in advance

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