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WOI cockpit for MF F-16A with corrected avionics V1.1

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WOI cockpit for MF F-16A with corrected avionics V1.1

I did this work hoping to motivate people to present a re-worked F-16C cockpit.


This mod enables WOI users to enjoy their MF F-16As with the stock hi-rez TW cockpit.


The stock TW F-16A in WOI unfortunately lacks TWS capability (Note: Apparently I was wrong, it was indeed without TWS in the very first batches), while MF F-16As lacked ground map capability due to a mixture of avionics60 lines in an avionics70dll file (Note: As I was informed, it was later corrected).


Furthermore, TMF avionics are more representative of Blk1/5/10s, instead TW are a bit stronger, more representative of Blk 15 avionics.


I re-worked the avionics.ini to present something as close to reality as I could, based on the stock WOI cockpit.



V1.1 Changes:


TWS Capability deleted from Blk 10 Avionics


TV Capability restored in Blk 15 Avionics


If you want to use MF TV filter instead of the TW, change this line from












NOTE: Not 100% sure when Maverick capability was certified for F-16s. It seems to me that it was a retrofit in a later date for Blk1/5/10 aircraft.









1) Download, extract and place into respective folders. They will overwrite the previous ones. Remember to keep back ups just in case...





2) Change this line















NOTE: Do not, I repeat DO NOT delete the already installed cockpit, since I use many TGAs from the MF cockpit. It won't work properly without it.





ADDED BONUS: Modified MF F-16A OCU DATA file with F100-220E engine.





I want to thank TW & MF and every person that contributed to the community.


If an individual deserves credit, please notify me.

















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Stock TW F-16 does not lack TWS

Only block 15 onwards had TWS, a limited Situation Awareness mode first and later full TWS ( block 15 OCU ) but that always depended on the user etc.


The 1980-82 era block 10 had only a very basic radar, block 15 APG-66 already looked much different and more modern ...


The TMF F-16A's were all released before ground mapping mode for avionics70 has been added to the game code,

and since we had no idea how it would be integrated we simply left parts of the avionics60 stuff in the ini .. doesnt harm a thing


The TMF block 10 and 15 which are included in Nato Fighters 4 and 4+ have got extensive updates

with a completely new, much more accurate HUD and working GM radar mode


re. AGM-65

all F-16A could use the basic AGM-65A and B versions

Its the AGM-65D IR Mav which required stronger power supply and other changes which was integrated at a later date



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Hi Crusader,


I always had the idea in my mind before I made this mod that ALL APG-66s had TWS mode, but apparently I was wrong. Back in the '80s was a standard theme of the aviation/defence press the TWS capability of APG-66, which was the new thing in the radars back then (like it was the double-pulse doppler radars a few years before). The same thing about the maverick, which I always thought that was a later addition. All these are misconceptions that come from the '80s. I can speculate now that since GD was battling with Dassault in almost every fighter competition from 1975 to 1985, they had to come up to show something that their product was superior from Mirage F1/2000 with their SYRANO IV/RDM radars. As time progressed (beyond 1985) and F/A-18 was coming strong in the scene, GD has to come up with something on the then new F-16C and market it as a true all around, multirole fighter, more talk was about their air to ground capabilities. However I am still sceptical if all F-16 could launch AGM-65A/B from the beginning. I have old magazines that describe F-16As (C was stillborn) as only iron bomb/rocket pod capable. In a 1984 booklet I 've seen written that " Sparrow, Skyflash and T.V. Maverick have been launched from F-16s" something that dictates that the weapon was not operational with F-16 from the beginning.


I 'll fix soon all that is necessary.However, I don't know how I can simulate in a persuasive manner the difference between the Situation Awareness and full TWS capability.


I 've downloaded myself the TMF Mirages around the time the WOI was released (a bit before I think) and I haven't touched them since then. In a way I found them more convincing that TWF own's F-16s and I had many hours of "flying" thrills with them, and I should thank TMF for that. In the process, I learned that indeed F-16 is (and was) a rather overestimated plane in air to air combat (if the sim is to believe) but this didn't diminish my interest, rather the opposite.


I 've downloaded the NF4+ and I installed parts/bits in my gigantic WOE installation, but I was not aware of of the avionics corrections. With your permission, I 'll have a look in the HUD and see if something useful can be incorporated and I 'll added them in a newer version.


I should mention it again, my motivation about this mod was ONLY to cook up things a bit for better F-16s, especially in the cockpit, to get a proper -C cockpit a last. I was thrilled with TMF MiG-29s and the fantastic cockpit that they have and I discovered myself that having a proper cockpit is the reason that I "flew" again and again certain planes. I look up in the gauges, checking temps and pressures, and I feel almost like I am flying for real. Woh didn't try at least once to get a mission done with the new "spillone" "Yankee"?

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