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RAZBAM LTV A-7 Corsair II released


Ladies and Gentleman, RAZBAM Proudly presents:


RAZBAM LTV A-7E/D Corsair II for FSX


RAZBAM A-7E, A-7H and A-7D Corsair II for FSX


Highly detailed exterior and interior models, very comprehensive representation of cockpit systems which include:


AFCS (Autopilot)

Tactical Navigation Computer

Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments

Faithful representation of the HSI gauge

A/G Radar with up to 6 modes representations within FSX limits(Air to ground ranging, Beacon mode, Ground Mapping, Pencil mode & Terrain Avoidance)

Projected Map set, with 4 modes and 2 ranges set

Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fusing, selection, weapon delivery modes , quantity selection in 2 different modes

Detailed representation of the aircraft´s HUD.

Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels

Detailed fuel panel

Simulated Oxygen system

Detailed cockpit and exterior lights

Detailed Armament Station Control Unit (ASCU)

Accurate weapon load outs controlled by the ASCU


Exterior features:

Highly detailed exterior representation of A-7E, A-7H and A-7D which include:

Working carrier catapult shuttle (A-7E)

Working Tail hook

Working wing fold action

Accurate external load outs controlled by the ASCU

Drop able ordnance in free flight´s with multiple ordnance release options (ordnance in free flight is a visual effect due to FSX limitations)

Accurate aircraft lights

Accurate and detailed schemes.




VA-72 Blue Hawks, Operation Desert Storm

VA-94 Shrikes

VA-15 Valions

VA-122 in Bicentennial Commemorative Scheme




354Th TFW Linebacker Campaign

174Th TFS, 185Th TFG Sioux City ANG

149Th, Virginia ANG





336 Sq, 116Th Fighter Wing, Araxos Air Base

335 A-7E,116th Fighter Wing ,Tiger scheme "Archangel" Air Show, 2005





Best regards



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Okay one word for this fine airplane...


Outstanding work...


Wish I had my home PC with FSX I think I would be lost for a while just driving that plane about as the work is amazing watched the video and this is on must buy list...!!!

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