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Fragata Almirante Condell

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Fragata Almirante Condell

Chilean frigate Almirante Condell (PFG-06) (SF-1 gen) by BANIDOS TEAM



Chilean frigate Almirante Condell (PFG-06) was a Condell-class frigate of the Chilean Navy,

and was the third ship in the Chilean Navy to bear this name.

She is a refitted Leander-class frigate ordered by the Chilean government in 1969 as an

ASW frigate, together with Almirante Lynch. The class was built between 1969 and 1973,

under Chilean modifications at Yarrow Shipbuilders in Scotstoun, Glasgow. The Almirante Condell

was delivered to Chile in 1973. She was decommissioned on 11 December 2007.

In March 2008, she was sold to Ecuador, along with her sister ship Almirante Lynch, and re-named BAE

Eloy Alfaro (FM 01). Both ships were handed over to the Navy of Ecuador on 18 April 2008



Project MasterMind= TORNO












To use this model you only have to release the contents of the

GroundObject folder inside the folder the same name in your game...

You also have to put the WeaponData in the corresponding INI.






-This Model is FREEWARE . Feel free to use this mod for any

future projects as long as proper credit is given..


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