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For Sale: Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS

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Very good condition, all in working order to my knowledge. Here's the link on eBay if you're interested, but contact me if you have more questions or want to make a personal offer without the eBay overhead:


My link




The F16 FLCS features four 4-way hat switches, three buttons, a dual stage trigger, an a paddle switch. The buttons and switches can be programmed to generate any sequence or combination of keyboard characters. Whether you're a hardcore PC pilot or just earning your wings, the FLCS will give you the ultimate edge in any situation, be it peacetime or all out war.

ballblue.gif Fully Programmable

ballblue.gif Analog or Digital Operational Modes

ballblue.gif Geared Potentiometers

ballblue.gif Authentic Military Design

ballblue.gif Four 4-Way Switches

ballblue.gif 3 Programmable Buttons

ballblue.gif Dual Stage Trigger

ballblue.gif Paddle Switch

ballblue.gif Large base"I know simulation, and so must ThrustMaster. The F16 is one very comfortable, fully programmable stick with four 4-way switches, four buttons, and a two stage trigger! If that isn't enough for you, hold down the pinkie button and you double the functions! Add a ThrustMaster throttle quadrant system and you get real HOTAS(Hands On Throttle And Stick). Keyboards are for text, not simulations, and these guys know it." William T. Overton

Space Shuttle Simulation Engineer


Note: While all buttons are functional on this joystick, seller makes NO GUARANTEE that joystick will work with your computer configuration. Please note that this joystick DOES NOT include a USB output, only gameport.


Compare to Amazon listings: http://www.amazon.co...&condition=used

post-63767-066843900 1289264963.jpg

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