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Pentagon's Obsession with Toys

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lol ... whatever, it works I guess. Sinister in implications? Could be, but combat sims are just giving us the 'entertainment' we've always demanded.


People always clamour for more ‘realism’ and gore so it's natural enough for the truly addicted and/or very skilled to go into the ultimate reality of actual war.


Does it breed war itself though? … there was plenty of war before this development … or does it just provide motivated skilled recruits that will perform better and quicker? If it keeps them alive, great.


I’m more concerned by how the Islamo-creeps might be utilising this stuff in parallel ...

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haha, thats hilarious about the doa uday doll, spouting lines from austin powers. hehe. i think video games would be a terrible way to teach people how to fight, how are you gonna run for 50 miles without panting, eating or drinking, have the marksmanship of a sniper while jumping over a 2 foot tall brick wall. if anything it would be detrimental since it gives you another reason to veg out in front of the computer screen for hours and "pad your natural seat cushion". but hey, if the department of defense wants to make a video game of the latest military super gun, ill play, get bored, and play something else.

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