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Post you best RoF screenshot

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I am curious what all I have missed in the game. So lets see everyone's best screenshot.

I shot this one while just flying a routine patrol, just went outside and took it, just to see the water from alt., ended up with glare, and even the exhaust trail.


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Two shots of a flight from tonight...thats me in flames after my attack run. It was the gunner staring me out that took me down...


The DVII was taken awhile ago...

post-11180-073629600 1296521412.jpg

post-11180-035493600 1296521453.jpg

post-11180-009583300 1296521484.jpg

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Great shots, Wodin! :good:


I was flying a lot OFF lately...I was sucked into it's great historical Campaign!

Yesterday, after taking the last update of RoF, I fired it up for a spin.

Oh man, I had forgotten it's visual awesomness! :yikes:

The complicated flight model also. Planes in OFF seem so stable comparing to this!

I put myself in the cockpit of my beloved Alb. D.Va to continue my Pat Wilson's, long ago interrupted, Jasta 34b Campaign.

To my surprise the date was the 2nd of February 1918 and the mission objective to perform a patrol over the Verdun front with Fwbl. Maxim Bauer as a wingman. (I am Oblt. Kurt Jurgens, an ace with 26 victories so far).


From my Combat report:


We went on a flight of three Spads today, flying, surprisingly, a bit lower than us . We attacked from above with the sun behind us and caught them completely by surprise. I fired upon the extereme left one, of their vic formation first, as I was diving too fast on them and had to adjust my aim. The poor Frenchie after the first blast on his upper wing and fuselage, probably, in a state of shock tried to break, exposing me his belly. A well placed second burst, lit his engine up. I turned to see where the others were and saw the right wingman flaming from Fwbl. Bauer's spandaus. The FL was trying to flee gaining altitude, but as we both hadn't lost much energy, as we didn't really manoeuvre so much to shoot the others, we caught him easily. Two or three bursts form low behind to his "soft underbelly", and he lost control and crashed, with no trace of fire this time, almost immediately.


The Spad Flight Leader is off, (probably dead already)...


post-10763-057650100 1296638025.jpg




post-10763-018863600 1296638188.jpg


The wreck...fuel is still pouring out.


post-10763-010429600 1296638286.jpg


Half burried into snow already...


post-10763-028589100 1296638433.jpg


All the inner structure can be seen through the holes...


post-10763-031426200 1296638576.jpg


Trying to locate the Spad crash site...


post-10763-077842200 1296638633.jpg


Albatros' Glorius Beauty...


post-10763-066891600 1296638785.jpg


28th Victory confirmed...


post-10763-098181100 1296638852.jpg


Back to base...


post-10763-009788200 1296638946.jpg


Plane skins by Ansirial (modified by me)

Pilot skin by me...

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Thanks to one of my squadmates O_Leigh, he put his handley page on a nice background:


Also note that you can have your favourite screenshots as loading screens - simply drop them all into a folder called \data\swf\flyers in your ROF folder. You may have to create it.

post-55752-006992400 1297692126.jpg

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Apparently I like to fly from left to right...











And a mission loading screen that still puts a :yikes: on my face...


Edited by Bandy

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Bandy, what video card are you running and what version of the game do you have? They had some issues with ATI cards but a quick fix was released. Might update your drivers.

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Naw, don't worry about it.

I was doing some PS post-processing and the saturation slider whipped over to the right on me, resulting in some acid-flashback kinda stuff. I liked it and kept it, for a smile like I said...


You were commenting on the last one right?

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