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Post Vietnam USAF F-4 Phantom INI, Skins and Decal mod

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Post Vietnam USAF F-4 Phantom INI, Skins and Decal mod

This is a simple mod for the stock TW USAF Phantoms. It uses new decal folders to allow tailcodes for most units that flew after 1973, four main paint schemes that were used between Vietnam and the Phantom's Phinal Phlights in the 90's, and ini edits to take advantage of some effects, sounds and new weapons loadouts. If you wish to know more, please read the readme it should explain most everything. Thank you to Sundowner(most of the skins), Malibu43 and Spillone104, Slartibartfast, Wrench, Dave, EricJ and a host of others. I hope that You enjoy


built up in SF2V/E/I/EXP1 and 2, Windows Vista. Will need SF2E to make all Phantoms work. Now updated to Sep 2011 patch.


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A very well done and well researched add-on. Good job. Thanks,

Mike D.

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A Brief Announcement... the primary change in the Jul 11 patch to the data ini for the F-4D_78 and E_78 are that the #1 Sparrow station max wieght value is now 300 to allow for the AN/ALQ-131. the value in mine is currently 290 but can be increased. This ECM pod was not commonly seen until the mid 80's and then on predominantly strike tasked Phantoms such as the 4th TFW or "Killer" E models operating with "Hunter" G Weasel models. i will update this in the near future as well as adding a few other tweeks. Again thank you to all who are enjoying this mod so far.











LoadLimit=300.0------------------------- change it to this from the original 290.0 if you would like to do it yourself!





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