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- PWLCamo001


- HANGARSCREEN 1024 x 768


- LOADINGSCREEN 1024 x 768



*This skinis designed exclusively for the type of Mig-17F. This skin type is not suitablefor Mig-17, paintscheme not compatible, airbrakes of both types are placeddifferently in the schema. The skin is not suitable for the type series Mig-PF,is not part of the skin with a radar nose, the nose would remain in the metalcolor.



*This skinis designed and tested for version of WoE. This skin is compatible withversions of WOI, but in the Middle East this camouflage has never been used. Compatibilityof the skin with other versions of the game is not verified.This skin isonly for Europe. This camouflage was used by the Air Force of Poland. AircraftMig-17F produced and used in Poland were identified as the LIM-5.



*I made askin of aircraft worn and abraded. Aircraft in combat operations looksdifferent than the plane to air show...


I usedthe excellent original silver skin as a base for the Polish camouflage. I thankthe author of the silver skin for a great job.






*You mustextract the folder Mig-17F(Lim5)_PWL_Camo. Folder PWLCamo001 save to afolder MiG-17F which is in the Aircraft folder in your game WoE.





*You wantto have generated the skin in the game? Procedure: In TextureSet.ini file isthe text you copied into your file Mig-17F.ini (configuration settings). Fileconfiguration settings MiG-17F.ini is located in the MiG-17F aircraft folder inyour game. You need to copy it for your last TextureSet in the configurationsettings (Mig-17F.ini). Number set in your last update, the original shape isthis: [TextureSet000]. This TextureSet must be updated with your lastTextureSet in file TextureSet.ini. Whenyou finish this, if you choose this skin, before the flight you automaticallychange the marking on the Polish.



*Part ofthe package is hangarscreen and loadingscreen. If you want to install, here'show:


Mig_17F_LOADING.bmpand Mig-17FHANGAR.bmp copy to your folder MiG-17F. This text:


LoadingScreen= Mig-17F_loading.bmp


HangarScreen= Mig-17F_hangar.bmp


you mustcopy to a AircraftData which is in yourfile Mig-17F.ini. If you do, your new hangarscreen and loadingscreen will be using the aircraft MiG-17F.



*Thankyou for your interest in this skin. I wish you happy hunting ... ;)





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