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UPDATED Printable Maps--Now Available!

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As far as I know NONE of the current RoF PDF maps are up to date since the fall tiles patch and all the extra additions. So I used the early RoF Map Photoshop file made available by Jason (thank you sir!) and took in-game screen shots across the map, step-by-step, and updated all the village, town, and city locations and names on the Photoshop map. Yes, it was boring, but someone needed to do it...


This should be the most accurate map available to my knowledge. I then broke it down into 8 'sector' maps with overlapping margins. Each 'sector' map file should print nicely on 8.5 x 10 inch paper, or at least it does on my printer (print with no borders), your mileage may vary. I could have made the scale larger, but then there would be more maps, more overlap, more dead trees. Send me a PM at SimHQ if you want the PSD file.


I have uploaded the 8 printable maps as PNG files to Combat Ace forum (currently waiting for Admin assistance), which recently established a RoF downloads section. Pat Wilson has his Campaign Mission generator there as well. I imagine since it is Sunday, it may take a while to get them approved. While waiting, goto MediaFire to DOWNLOAD HERE


Again, send me a PM if you want the Photoshop file to tweak the graphics settings to your liking if you don't like what I did, but it is a big file, 1.4 GB. See what they look like below, I modeled them after Imperial Defence Ordnance Survey maps I saw online (bottom image). Hope others enjoy printing and using them.







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A superb piece of work which should make navigating in the ROF environment much simpler. Congratulations and many thanks.

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