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Inverting Rudder Pedals

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Straight to the point...


Windows-7 (32bit)

Saitek Pro Flight Rudder pedals

MS Sidewinder-2 Joystick


Combination works fine for ROF, (twisting action on Joystick disabled)


The most I've been able to do is get the pedals to work in both CFS-3 and OFF but can't invert!!!


I have to admit that I play more ROF than OFF, at least until phase 4 hits if that ever happens, mainly because I don't want to form bad habits by getting use to one sim and then trying to play the other.


It's like playing the X-box 360 and then trying to play on a playstation-3 back to back. On top of being unrealistic as far as the operation of the rudder.


A little help here maybe???



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Well. I got no help...But I solved my problem in both OFF and CFS3!

It took some research, a few hours of file tinkering, and some patience but I finally got it!


Was able to reverse, (maybe invert was the wrong terminology to use) my rudder pedals and get rid of the toe break/aileron effect in OFF, while also Finally getting CFS3 controls working correctly too!


I know that both of these games has some years behind them at this point but are still air worthy.


Between waiting for OFF to get it's act together with Phase-4, and "Cliffs of Dover" to either make it playable for the "common man" or I'm able to upgrade my rig yet again, and "Rise of Flight" to crank out more needed stuff, and not to mention IL2-1946, this should keep me entertained enough.


Sad to say though as I'm new to this forum and this being only my second post having to answer myself receiving no replies or help on the matter I'm kind of disappointed.

Over at the ROF forum you can get help almost immediately on just about anything. Granted, there is a lot of information here but you have to search diligently to find it.


My next hurdles with these two elder sim's are the multi-player and skins/mods available and how/where to play online.

I'd ask but it's like the old Phil Collins song... no reply at all...

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Hi deflection shot, sorry you got no response quickly, but this is the wrong thread for problems, it's a set fixed area for Knowledge base. I will have to move your thread to one of the others shortly.


Many don't check this part often of course.


The main more active general forum is the best place, or "General Help" section :)



http://combatace.com/forum/206-over-flanders-fields/ shows all the sub forums


best for questions is




There are several help sections in the FAQ mentioning rudder pedals and how to reverse but feel free to post your solution if it will help others.




Main FAQ http://www.overflandersfields.com/FAQ.htm



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