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Hotas Cougar

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I have for sale a Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar joystick


This has been modified to remove play in the ‘X’ AXIS by fitting miniature ball races. And fitting screws to the ‘Y ‘AXIS shaft, this locks it to the carrier unit which then only pivots at the bearings. It has also been shimmed to remove lateral movement in both axes bearing blocks. It has also been sleeved with brass and sized to a tight tolerance on the slide of the ‘Y ‘AXIS.


There is no spiking on any of the pots, but it comes with two spare used pots for the


Joystick axes (These were removed from a Cougar which had Hall sensors fitted they do not have plugs attached so will need to be soldered to the existing plug leads if they require to be fitted. Unfortunately I’ve no idea about the usage of these)


The throttle quadrant works well. Except for the Antenna rotary switch which does not find the central detent correctly on centre when using the viewing/setup program.


In fact it’s never done it in any of the two that I own.or any I have worked on. But I’ve never found it a problem.


It's a few years old now but is better than a stock item.The next mod would be Hall sensors which makes it truely wonderful to use.




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