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Dear IL-2 fans,


As with our previous patch, we are releasing the Guide for 4.11m in advance, so you may get familiar with the upcoming features we have been working on for the last year. We are planning to release the patch within this holiday season.


For now we wish you all Merry Christmas!


4.11 Guide (pre-release version):





Main Features

• 6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits

• AI improvements

• Improved radiator & overheat modeling

• Difficulty option changes

• Bomb fuzes

• Stationary plane spawning

• Reworked bomb damage

• Control surface & pilot's head positions transferred over network

• Mouse wheel zoom

• Bombing commands

• Additional waypoint parameters


New Flyable Planes

• PE-8

• TB-7 M40

• IL-4

• Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ATA

• Mosquito XVIII "Tse-Tse"


New AI Planes

• TBD-1

• Hs 123

• IK-3

• Cant Z 506B

• Ki-45 Kai Hei

• Ki-45 Kai Tei


New ground units

• Autoblindo AB 41

• Carro Armato L6-40

• Carro Armato 13-40

• Semovente 47-32

• Semovente 75-18-40

• Crusader III

• Several new groups and companies based on existing tanks & vehicles


AND MORE... (see the Guide for details)


You really should download the manual! The AI improvements will be fantastic! :drinks:

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I think they should make existing tanks a little realistic before adding new models.

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