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Spitfire MkIXe S-89, Czech Air Force, late 1940s

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Spitfire MkIXe S-89, Czech Air Force, late 1940s

Spitfire MkIXe S-89, 10th Air Regiment, Czech Air Force, Praha-Kbely, 1949


When the Free Czech squadrons of the RAF (Nos. 310, 312, 313) returned to Czechoslovakia after the end of the War, they took their aircraft with them, specially repainted in Czech colours before their departure from RAF Manston. These aircraft were supplemented by a number of others bought from Britain, but with the arrival of the Communists in power in 1947, the S-89 as the Spitfire was known locally fell out of favour and was phased out in favour of Soviet types. Many Czech Spitfires were sold on to the new State of Israel.


For use ONLY with SF2 including the Israel Expansion Pack. This will NOT work if you do not have the stock TW Spitfires installed and working.




Model and Flight Dynamics by Third Wire

Cockpit by Kesselbrut

Skin, decals, data.ini modifications by ndicki

Guns by AvHistory


This is my rather limited way to saying thank you to Monty CZ for all the fabulous aircraft he makes for us!


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