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F2A-3 Buffalo, Update Pak

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F2A-3 Buffalo, Update Pak

F2A-3 Buffalo, Skin and Ini Update Pak For SF/Wo*/SF2 PTO Installs


This is a semi-complete package for the Dev A-Team F2A Buffalo, in USN and USMC service at the beginning of World War 2.


It is semi-complete due to DAT rules, the aircraft lod is NOT included. So, you'll need the F2A-R2.LOD to compete this package. Everything else IS included.


3 skin/decal set are included; and there's 3 individual readmes, as I've combined all the earlier seperate downloads from my now-closed site, into one. I'd reccomend reading them all, if only for the historical reference


VF-2 "Flying Chiefs", USS Lexington, December 1941

VMF-212, MCAS Ewa, Territory of Hawaii, circa January 1942

VMF-221, Midway Island, June 1942 (yes, them). This skin is 100% historically accurate, with BuNum matched to Modex numbers for the aircraft assigned during the Battle of Midway. (shown in screenshot)


Canopy works via manual animation key, the standard Shift/0

Also included is the engine sound, and a pilot figure. NOTE: the pilot figure is set for 06 level, so you drop him into the root of the /Objects/Aircaft folder.


For SF2 usage, you'll get a new folder for him in the /Pilots sub-folder. In essence, you've got him twice!


Once unzipped, all you need to is drop the LOD into the /F2A folder,and off you go. I'd also advise reading each of the enclosed readmes.


*Note: while still designed with 06 SF/Wo* in mind, it should also be usable in 08 Level SF/Wo*. If used in 08s & SF2, be advised a completly new FM will be necessary. Also, cockpit repositioning will be needed for SF2. Post all questions & problems in the SF2 PropHead Forum. I'll get them worked out (excepting FMs and LOD issues)!*


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