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Updating the "in your ear" hawkeye for SF2 NA

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I'm in the midst of updating all of the super loud, super clear Hawkeye calls in SF2: NA to make them sound like actual radio calls. I have already normalized the volume, and I'll be putting in some FM Radio sound clipping. The one thing I'm looking for is the white noise background (radio static) that matches the original TW radio calls.


I already have white noise, but since the calls are sometimes mixed I would prefer to match the timbre of the original static to give the sound more continuity. If anybody has anything, I would greatly appreciate it.


Thanks in advance,

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SkateZilla is already re-doing the entire voice series for the Hawkeye.

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Rgr that.


My files are done with the exception of background noise (though there tends to be some just from the processing without adding a backing track). All I need to do is separate them.


@Skatezilla, you're welcome to whatever I have for integration.

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