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Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1916 1.3 for FE1

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Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1916 1.3 for FE1

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Ojcar's Armchair Aces 1916 1.2 for FE1

The second in Ojcar's Armchair Aces Series modified for use with First Eagles 1.

Instalation is straightforward with only one difference in the preparation of the Strutters. Read both readmes to learn how to add three new aircraft to your hangar collection. You will need the practice for the forthcoming 1917 version.


Reverential hat tip to TK. Gratitude to Canadair for the batch file converter (see readme). Many thanks to Sinbad for permission to use and modify his Strutters. Salute to Ojcar for a great series.


Any problems, contact me via the forum. This download wont harm your computer, but it just might devour all your free time as you fly and die in 1916.


Cheers and Happy Landings



21 April 2012 I have uploaded the correct FE1 version to replace the FE2 version originally uploaded in error.


Version 1.3 Corrects airfield names to allow enlistment as Belgian pilot as per Ojcar's edit of orginal version.


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