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Sikorsky and Anatra upgrades

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In the last couple of days I've uploaded new versions of the Sikorsky and Anatra.


The Sikorsky was one of my first planes and I've learned a lot since then. I have made changes to the model and the way the model was rigged, so these uploads (the Sikorsky and the Sikorsky flat deck) include a complete set of new LODs. Ojcar has made brand new data files for both planes, and I have included new skins with markings for several Russian squadrons.


For the Anatra, I've included a bomb loadout and skins for different squadrons. I also made an Austrian version, with a Schwarzlose machine gun and loadouts for German bombs. 





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Thank you and look forward to your upcoming "Eastern Campaign".

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Awsome stuff once again Stephen1918! I too am anticipating the Eastern Front campaign.


Your models need "Bump" maps! You should have gotten FE2. The Bump maps add an incredible amount of detail and realism to the models. You have done so many awsome (and rare) models they would look incredible with the "bump" detail.

Just sayin :grin:

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