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F-104A, Pakistani AF, and Ini Tweeks Pak

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F-104A, Pakistani AF, and Ini Tweeks Pak

F-104A, Pakistani Air Force, And Ini Tweeks Pak

= For SF2, Any and All =


Some modifications (ini wise) and a new-ish skin for the recently re-released revamp of Ajundair's F-104A Starfighter. This package is =ONLY= to be applied to the F-104A Pak by Spillone104, available at:




This adds a Pakistani AF skin, with historical serial numbers (albeit 2 are for 104Bs ...) as used by No. 9 Squadron; Decal randomization is set to TRUE. Also included are several inis with some additions and corrections.

Please note, the skins are in jpg format, so be at least at the Jan 2012 patch level for them to work. If not ... you can figure out the alternatives.


The inis are:

Data.ini (with corrected export dates, and steerable nose wheel)

Userlist (with, hopefuly correct years)

Loadout ini (corrects the "always loading Falcons" issue)

main ini (with some minor additions)

Hangar screen (albeit the SF2 revamped 1stGen F-104G, but the differences are so small...)

Cockpit.ini, (with working secondary ADI and oil pressure gauges, ala F-104G)

the included cockpit folder does NOT have the lod, but does contain the hi-rez skins by batman1976; and probably several other not used bmps -- I couldn't remember which ones to remove, so left them alone :grin:


As always, READ the enclosed readme for usual fully detailed install instructions.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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