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FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 Released!

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Well, it's been a long, hard road full of delays, set backs, but more importantly... Passion and love for the hobby. This huge undertaking provides the very best the FS-WWI community has to offer. From the tiniest texture, to the intricately detailed aircraft and flight models. It is here! I hope you enjoy this MOD, and accept it for what it is. While this may be the final release of Plane Pack 4, we are by no means done with the current plane set, so expect to see more great things from us in the future! :D


Now for the readme. And please, actually read it: ;)


Welcome to Fighter Squadron WWI's Plane Pack series. A Plane Pack is a convenient way to get all of the latest planes, ground units, and missions, etc. This plane pack also lets you fly on-line over the internet. To fly with other people on-line, your aircraft must match the other player's aircraft or you will get a mismatch error. This makes the game more fun and avoids pesky cheaters. FS-WWI Plane Packs and Patches are the culmination of a large amounts of work by diverse groups of talented people. Each plane has been built with care including the 3D modeling, painting, flight modeling, and damage modeling. These aircraft are on a never-ending journey of improvement, each individual plane at its own stage of completion, so feedback is very helpful and desired!


The install options you have are listed below. Each is listed in the order you should install them in. I also URGE you to READ the readme files. There is very valuable information in there that is to your benefit. I made these readme files to make both your life, and mine a lot easier.




To Install:

For this to all work, you MUST install SDOE fresh. The setup is too integrated to install all of this over an existing install of FS-WWI. You will over complicate things if you try to install this over an existing FS-WWI install. If you do a fresh install, TRUST ME, it will be a breeze...


Install Option One


(From fresh install of Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe)


1. (665kb) Install the 1.5 Patch to your Fighter Squadron folder and run the game once to be safe


2. Please choose one of the following:


a. (6.79mb) Install the Latest Wings with Wires Patch


b. (29.3mb) Install the Latest FS-WWI Themed Patch for a WWI-only game.


3. (9mb) Install the FS-WWI Nations v2.0 Pack (Mirror Link)


4. (80.2mb) Install the Full Somme Terrain (Mirror Link)


Install any other terrains you might want BEFORE proceeding to the next step.


5. Please choose one of the following:


a. (337mb) Install the FS-WWI Plane Pack 4


b. (162mb) Install the FS-WWI Plane Pack 4 with 8-bit textures for smaller download size. (Mirror Link)


6. For on-line play, please download the latest version of Hyperlobby



Settings and Tweaks:


I have put together a document which will help you tweak FS-WWI for your system. You can find it here:


Getting the Best


We hope you enjoy flying FS-WWI using Inertia's OpenPlane game engine. In our opinion, OpenPlane is THE engine for WWI flight!

-ArgonV (ArgonV@AOL.com)


I wish to thank Sean at Wings with Wires, Steel and Helmut from Real life Gaming Downloads for the file hosting.


Enjoy! :D

Edited by ArgonV

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