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F-14A Iran Post 1990 Skin + AIM23 Sidjil Mod

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F-14A Iran Post 1990 Skin + AIM23 Sidjil Mod

F-14A Iran Post 1990 Skin + AIM23 Sidjil Mod


This is a Mod of the F-14A Iranian Allycat. Includes post '90 Light Blue and Grey skins with new Decals of the serials from 3-6001 to 3-6079.

There is no ReadMe. Just drop the Objects Folder from the Zip file into the root of the Game you have the F-14A_Iran installed and let it overwrite.


This is posted because of a request by several people, of which some requested it, and is included in the 1.20 Superpack update.

Read the Readme for installation.



Model: Flying Toaster, Oli

Cockpit: Chris (original), reworked and updated by Brain32

FM: ThirdWire, Column5, Spectre8750, Caesar

Avionics: Crusader, ThirdWire, Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, CrazyhorseB34

Pilots: Old Diego, CrazyhorseB34

Skins: Dave, Spectre8750, Column5

NATOPS Textures: HomeFries

Extra Hangar, Loading and Main Screens: Dave, Spectre8750

Ejection Mod: Stary

Testing: Sup Gen, Caesar, Dave, EricJ, Spectre8750

Weapons: Ravenclaw, wpnssgt, Bunyap and others





Edited by Spectre8750

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