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SF2 Chengdu J-7 Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF

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SF2 Chengdu J-7 Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF

SF2 Chengdu J-7 Fishbed Series Pak by Mod Mafia/TMF


= For SF2, Full-4/5 Merged (Full-5 Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: There is a distinct possibility that this mod MAY work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs

However, some data ini statements will not be in effect in 1stGen SF/Wo* at any patch level (with the possible exception of WoI plus it's ExpansionPak -this has not been tested, as I ONLY mod for SF2). It is designed for use in SF2, at the most current patch level. Your milage will vary!*


Some of several "newer models" that were never quite completed when Bpao passed away a few year back. I've been fortunate enough to be allowed to complete his work, as a member of the Mod Mafia.


This pack contains 3 of the J-7 Fishbed series, as built and operated by the PLAAF (People's Repbulic of China), and exported to some other folks. They are:


Chengdu J-7I

Chengdu J-7II

Chengdu J-7IIA


The J-7I and II have only PLAAF skins. The J-7IIA (exported as F-7B) has skins for


Iraqi Air Force (folder called "Camo2")

Islamic Republic of Iran AF (folder called "Camo1")


All skins are in jpg format, Decal Randomization is TRUE. Damage textures are the older tga versions.

All markings are decals,(excepting National Markings, which on some skins are painted on), and reference stock 3W items. The PLAAF Bort numbers may be incorrect; skinner/decal makers are !ENCOURAGED!! to create more correct ones.

A user list is included for all, even for the I & II, which were NOT exported

All sounds, pilot figure(s), seats, are included. Weapons, for the most part, reference those already "stock" in-game items. However, in the usual "CYA" effort, Chinese A-A missiles are included. These come from the GunnyPak.


The Canopy opens with the Standard Animation Keystroke ™, Shift/0. The RWR.lst for the J-7IIA references many items from dtmdragon's Updated Threat Library; the url/download link I cannot find! So, I've just went ahead and included all the various RWR tgas that I had (in the /Flight folder included in this zip)


When 'in game', you'll see on the Aircraft Selection Dropdown Menu, for each one...


Chengdu J-7I (TMF)

Chengdu J-7II (TMF)

Chengdu J-7IIA (TMF)


This will differentiate all these aircraft from any others you may have, either stock, user-made, or whathaveyou.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. So, please -READ- them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too for futher explinations, clarifactions, illuminations and so forth.

A full listing of credits, as always, is below the Install Instructions.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein

-for The Mod Mafia-


For Oli


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This is a real needed plane! Thank You.


To make decal randomizer work in Chengdu_J-7IIA/IRIAF/Camo1 , please do this:










DecalNumberBlockSize=23 <----------------

DecalNumberStart=0 <---------------- add these lines

DecalNumberEnd=22 <----------------



And maybe I'll try to add a proper PLAAF decalset numbers ......


:groupwave: :groupwave: :groupwave:

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ooppps!!! I knew I'd forgotten to randomize one of them!!


thank yoiu Paulo!!

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Those are realy nice birds, but you have no chance against modern western planes, have downed a F-15A but it cost me 3 Wingmen. Those planes are made as decoys for western missiles to clear the way for the J-11 fighters.

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You have a chance but Intercept only, no sweeps or air superiority missions. Come in low, pop-up fire missiles, hug the deck and run...works pretty well.

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I tried a CAP and REC Mission both is suicide .. but damn i like the MiG-21 design alot ..Seems here are some people which are interested in the J-7 family so I decided to release my J-7III mod too. Thanks to Wrench and TMF, they gave me a kick to finish it

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sometime we all need a little prodding!


looking forwared to it Martin!


yeah, these things are just missile sponges don't really stand a chance on the Modern Battlefield ™. But fun to fly, nontheless. I too, am one of those Westerners like like the look of the Fishbed

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