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Will your Banshee's work in SF2?

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Yes their Banshee works fine in SF-2 but with a lot of black ugly ropes .... so you have to remove shadows.


The same for EA/A-6 serie.


A very bad thing for a payware line up.


The skyraiders haven't the static propeller and the oustanding F-102 haven't a complete shadow even if a native SF-2 plane.


Some patches should be needed but Razbam never fixed any issue present in SF-1 last version.


I ask for it and wrote that a payware model SHOULD be fixed.


Most freeware modders did it and made shine their models even for free ....


No reply here.

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Razbam no more counts for Thirdwire stuff.

Asked @ razbams forum a while back.

That is very sad for a payware add on!

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