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Zero Dark Thirty

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I thought it was a very well made movie and close to the material that is available from sources who were there (at least from the SEAL end).


I did have two problems with the movie, the first small the second larger.


Small problem: I thought they should have handed the movie over to the assault team once they took off and not shown anything else. So no cutting back to anything else. Then not show the lead character again until they bring UBL's body back.


Bigger problem: I felt like it needed another hour. Some of the characters didn't get a chance to be fleshed out. It was too focused on one person (arguably two). And we were given none of the ST6 training for the mission, something I thought would have been very important to the film.


Actually, I had one more minor issue and that was the ending. They held off the CIA agent breaking down to AFTER she saw UBL. We know that she broke down in the hangar. I thought they should have just shown it that way instead of going for a quiet cry at the end for some cinematic effect. But that's a nitpick.


In the end, I still thought it was an A-rated movie.

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I think those troubles arise from the fact that the film was originally intended to portray the frustrated manhunt for UBL, and the effect on his searchers. After the success of the operation, the movie concept had to be reimagined, but the original story was Maya´s, and so it remained.


On the other hand, i wished too there was more about the planning of the operation and operators getting more screentime. However, i don´t now if it is true, but the saddest i heard that none of the operation SEALs survived to see the film released, don´t know about the other operators.

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