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RAZBAM GR7/GR9 Harrier for FSX released

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BAe Harrier GR.7 & GR.9:


The BAe Harrier GR.7 & GR.9 are the UK versions of the AV-8B Harrier II with upgraded avionics to include night attack capabilities.


The RAZBAM Harrier GR.7 & GR.9 for FSX includes the following amazing features and innovative functions :


Highly detailed exterior and interior models,


Interior and Panel


very comprehensive representation of cockpit systems which include:


Systems features:

→ Tactical Navigation Computer

→ Detailed and comprehensive navigation instruments

→ Detailed representation of the aircraft?s Gunsight.

→ Detailed MPCD (Multi Purpose Color Displays) with in-depth functionality.

→ Complete representation of the armament panel, with working armament stations, fuzing, selection, weapon delivery modes , quantity selection in 2 different modes select the amount of ordance to fall per trigger switch, and then again, you can select the amount and make them fall in pairs or single sequences

→ Detailed electrical and hydraulic systems and panels

→ Detailed fuel panel

→ Simulated Oxigen system

→ Detailed cockpit and exterior lights

→ Accurate weapon loadouts including orndance weight.


Exterior features:

→ Highly detailed exterior representation of Harrier GR.7 & GR.9 which include:

→ Working engine nozzles.

→ Working air refueling probe.

→ Accurate external loadouts.

→ Dropable ordnance in free flight?s with multiple ordnance release options.

→ Accurate aircraft lights.


Includes AI VC-10 K3 tanker aircraft for air refueling exercises.


Accurate and highly detailed paint schemes.


Paint Schemes

Harrier GR.7

→ ZG532/86 - No.4 SQN Special (GREEN)

→ ZG859/91 - No.4 SQN SHARK (DSG&DCG)

→ ZD376/24 - 801 NAS (DSC&DCG)

→ ZG857/AH - No.3 SQN (GREEN)

Harrier GR.9

→ ZG531/85 - No.1 SQN (DSG&DCG SNOW)

→ ZD327/08 - 800 NAS BoB Spec (MSG)

→ ZD322/03 - No.1 SQN (MSG)

→ ZD433/45 - No.1 SQN (DSG&DCG)

→ ZG502/73 - No.20 Sqn (DSG&DCG)

→ ZG478/68 - No.41 Sqn Spec. (DSG&DCG)


User's Manual in PDF format.

Product page:http://www.razbamsims.com/bae_harrierii_gr79.html


Image gallery:http://www.razbamsims.com/bae_harrierii_gr79_2.html


you can get it here: RAZBAM Online Store


Best regards



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I just popped a woody....

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yeah, Razbam could consider doing SF2 version IMO,

as having I think all of SF-related Razbam products I'd happily throw them cash for that beauty in SF2

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Kicking your dreams:

Asked Ron about T-2 for SF2 his awnser:


Sorry' date=' no SF2 version..it´s simply not possible to keep up with all the "updates" and stuff TK is releasing, there is no stable platform where to play, i can say, unless it gets to be stable enough to add something, we´ll get it there.Currently, it´s a guess work about what will be next and what will NOT work this time

Best regards



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Ron, just release the jet as payware at the current or a previous SF2 patch level as payware... then, as with the F-102, let the modding community take care of updates. I would happily shell out 20 bucks for this. anyone else?

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