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    • By kosmo92

      View File SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music
      SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music.
      19 pieces 1920x1080 
      4 wav file
      Submitter kosmo92 Submitted 04/01/2023 Category Menus  
    • By kosmo92
      SF2 Top Gun Maverick Menu Screens and Music.
      19 pieces 1920x1080 
      4 wav file
    • By Wizard43
      Apparently he was not flying rubber dog doo out of Hong Kong all these years but driving an E-2.

    • By Durasoul
      I was watching some videos on public domain about the Air Force personnels who help loading weapons for some training sorties.. The Maverick missiles appear to be some newer variants that I haven't seen before (through any media). 
      Funny thing is that they have mixed colors Olive Drab for the motors while some plain White ,some Grey (like the 65F) What are those models ??

    • By Viper63a

      View File SF2 TopGun F-14 Pilots: Maverick/Goose, Viper/Jester & Iceman/Slider!
      SF2 TopGun F-14 Pilots: Maverick/Goose, Viper/Jester & Iceman/Slider!
      By Viper 07/03/2015
      TopGun Pilots flies again in StrikeFighters 2!!!! Yep...nuff said.
      This mod will not update any existing SF2 files, but I recommend that you back up your mod folder (...\Objects\Pilots).
      There are 2 steps to this install...(Three counting backing up!)
      1) Copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" to your target mod folder. My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win97 64-bit was, but yours my be different...
      C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\
      * It will ask to overwrite, go ahead and overwrite. This mod should not change anything you already have installed - unless you, by some chance named something with the same names as I did. Hence the back up recommendation.
      NOTE: You should be able to install these pilots in SF2 game for most, if not all, jets. It doesn't have to be an F-14 or StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic. Have Mav and Goose fly and F-111?!! Enjoy!
      2) Locate and update the "data.ini" file of the jet you want these pilots installed in. In my example, I will update the "F-14A_82_DATA.INI" file located in...(again, your location may be different)...
      C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Objects\Aircraft\F-14A_82
      * In my example, I am updating the "F-14A_82_DATA.INI" file. In the target jet's folder, locate the "*DATA.INI" file. Edit the file in a text editor (Notepad) and "Find" the "Crew" section in the "*DATA.INI" file. In this section, there should be a [Pilot] and [CoPilot] (if the plane has a copilot. F-14's do) sub-section.
      * Look for the "PilotModelName=..." entry and update it with Maverick and Goose's info (it's the name of the folders and ini files you copied into ...\Objects\Pilots in Step 1).
      NOTE: All pilots and copilots in your flight for this plane will get this change...So if you have a wingman, Mav and Goose will show up there too...Sorry, this can't be helped...
      All available Pilots...
      Example...Installing Mavrick and Goose into the "F-14A_82_DATA.INI" file...
      // Crew ---------------------------------------------------------
      // Updated Maverick as the Pilot
      MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 4.52, 0.32
      MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 5.53, 1.54

      Armor .Thickness=12
      // Updated Goose as the CoPilot
      MinExtentPosition=-0.25, 2.98, 0.32
      MaxExtentPosition= 0.25, 3.99, 1.54
      * Save the data file and Maverick and Goose FLYS AGAIN!!! Do you feel the need for speed yet?
      That's it!!
      Credits and extras:
      I re-skinned AmokFloo's excellent LOD. If you want the full * Florian - "AmokFloo" package, you can get it here
      * Western Style Pilot Models (SF1/SF2)
      Interested in some more TopGun mods? Check out my menu screens!
      SF2 NorthAtlantic "Top Gun" Themed Hi-Res 1920x1080 Menu Screens and Music! Version 3
      SF2 NorthAtlantic "Top Gun" Themed Hi-Res 1024x768 Menu Screens and Music! Version 4
      = Viper =
      Submitter viper63a Submitted 07/02/2015 Category Pilot Mods  

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