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Where is Мяугоу Airfield situated?

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Sdrasdvutye, and sorry that i use the russian part of the Forum without using the russian language. The last time that i have spoken russian is more than 20 years ago and my computer has no cyrillic font. But perhaps someone of you could help me.

When i read the article about a pilot of Korea War with the name Zabelin (here is the link: http://www.airforce.ru/history/cold_war/zabelin/chapter5.htm )

i found a soviet used airfield with the name Мяугоу.

But i cant find Мяугоу on a map.

Does someone of you know where this airfield is located and which name it has today.

I also found the name Mukden, but i realized, that this airfield now is called Shenyang. Perhaps Мяугоу has now an other chinese name too.

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There's a place called Мяогоу in North Korea, near Chongjin. But I'm absolutely sure it's not that Мяогоу Zabelin talking about.

Igor Seidov in his book "Red devils over the 38th parallel" mentioned that Мяогоу airfield were built in 1951 near Antung (20km to the south-west).

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