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Another "generic" WW2 bomber FM using some data from ThirdWires C-47 as well as quite a few adjustments. The bad gunnery skills from the Do-17 FM continue, although they still knock down a decent number of aircraft. The armor as structure is back, it is going to take a while to figure out a standard approach for this subject. It seemed rather too easy to kill the bomber pilots so the rear armor for the He-111 pilot has been increased significantly. The Jumo engine table is from the Ju-87. Bomb position fix by Crusader. [Thank You!] The upload contains a folder with an He-111H3 Ini and Data Ini so it should be OK to copy the entire contents of your current functioning SF2 He-111H6 folder into this one to get a functioning H3. Possible edits required for the cockpit if you're using one. He-111H3_0.80.zip

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