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Vought RF-8A Crusader (*)

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Vought RF-8A Crusader (*)

The RF-8 Crusader was a photo-reconnaissance development and operated longer in U.S. service than any of the fighter versions.

RF-8s played a crucial role in the Cuban Missile Crisis, providing essential low-level photographs impossible to acquire by other means.

U.S. Naval Reserve units continued to operate the RF-8 until 1987.



(*) This isn't a complete plane: You will need YAP RF-8G lod to work





- a new plane with a plenty of new skins for US NAVY & US MARINES




- SF-2NA standard carriers operations ready


- Canopy = Key 10


- WingFold = Key 9




- All in main mod folder


- RF-8G lod from Yap in Aircraft/RF-8A folder


- Optional View mod by KB (follow dedicated readmes in options folder)




- Yankee Air Pirates for Original SF-1 RF-8G


- Paulopanz Skins, Decals & new RF-8A Data.ini


- the RF-8A team (Vols: 331Killerbee & Corktip_14) for testings


- 331Killerbee Data.ini Tweakings (lights etc.), weapons (Cameras & Flares), optional view mod


- Corktip_14 Data.ini Tweakings (FM etc.), pilot






@ paulopanz


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