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amphibious invasion

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I would like to design a mission supporting a USMC amphib invasion of a WW2 pacific island with the SF2NA engine.


- this will utilize the Amtrak vehicles recently done by the Skunkworks. I need to have waves of them approaching a beach in line-abreast formation

- I need troops to be on the beach moving towards the land

- naval gunfire supporting the troops, firing inland

- would be intense, smoky, and a great basis for some CAS action by Navy aircraft


I know about designing the air part, just not sure about the ground objects and how I would make them "move". do I need to redefine the movement.ini file? any suggested ground objects?

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Not truly possible.

the movement ini defines routes that exist for all time, and cannot be turned on and off like target areas.


the only way to do it, is how I've done it on the  Cuba OTC+ , Okinawa and Philipines maps -- place the landing boats and offshore support craft either into a "city" target area (ie: Tacloban and Dulag) or a 'named beach head' target area that then can be tagged with "ActiveDate=" in the _targets ini (Beach Red, Green, Blue in Cuba)


But even doing so that way, fouls up any GroundAttack routes originating FROM the beach head, or defenders attaching said landings, when operating BEFORE their activation date


Be advised, as to naval gunfire support -- if you place the ships too close inland (less than 2 tiles offshore, approx. 5-10km), EVERY SINGLE GUN CAPABLE OF GROUND ENGAGEMENT WILL BE FIRING!!! with the attendant massive frame-rate loss. Went through this with both beach heads (Austin and Chrysler) on Kyushu.

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