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because of my Paran Navy Pack 1 is almost finished i decided to Start little Side Project

this will only be a minor upgrade program because it should and would not replace the Eurofighter


Story behind this is a fast one:

-the german Goverment decided that the MiG-29G will remain in Service until 2015 (original it was sold to Poland for 1€ in 2004)

-to remain in service it was decided to Upgrade the shortcomings of the MiG-29G


 *new IFF (bird-slicer)

 *Engine Lifetime upgrade/smokeless Engines(thinking of RD-33MK)

 *upgraded Radar

 *Cockpit in english(i need help with this cockpit repaint)

 *enhanced CM possibilities

 **slightly higher internal Fuel(MAYBE because there is not really room for more fuel)




Sidenote: skin is only for my Personal use right now. because i have no permission to use it with what if projects. but i will include a new one

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i´m a german and i really like our Miggies it could take some time until you can fly it.

because new skin had to be done with all the detail work(signs and so on)

unfortunaly i have a real life :-D so it could take me 1-2months but i will post regular updates ;-)

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MiG-29G ICE Fulcrums for FIrst Testflight after Upgrades:




New Skin, Overflow-Pipe for the Fueltank(this one is needed for the early MiG-29 like the "N" that got retro fitted with Refuelprobes) -->really great thank you goes to logan4

there are 3 new skin one clean(shown) and to stages of dirty ones


renamed the Project to MiG-29G I-mproved C-ombat E-fficiency (like the german F-4F upgrade)

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Cockpit is now in Knots and feet as well as the HUD-->transalation of everything else in Progress^^



and the beauty now can take 370gal F-4F Droptanks



and Beauty shot:


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