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Su-15 Flagon A for SF2 [Revamp]

The Su-15 "Flagon" was developed to replace the less capables Su-9/11 in the homeland interception duties, among the improvements were twin engines, side mounted intakes to replace the nose one.


The plane was powered with 2 Tumanski R-11F2S-300 engines.


The side intakes change allowed to mount the more powerful RP-22 Oryol-D (NATO 'Skip Spin') in the nose.


The initial delta wing in this plane had poor take-off and landing characteristics, so, a later variant was developed.


******** The SF2 plane ***********


The model used was made by Boopidoo who i thank for it, some ini edits were made by me.


The AA-3 Missiles were tweaked by Snailman to make them less dumb, thanks to him too :D


2 High 4096x4096 res skins were made by me with a whole, new, more detailed template, available if requested, the first skin depicts some examples of the 57th IAP, 10th OA PVO, based in Norilsk, and the other belongs to the Red Falcons Aerobatic team of the 60´s, this ones never carried bort numbers, info collected by Loborojo, who also i thank for the it.


This variant was never applied tactical camouflage and was kept natural metal, i wasn´t able to collect info about the stencils, so, if anyone has it and want to share i will update the planes and will credit him/her.


This plane is made mainly for high speed interceptions, so if you ran out of missiles and got into troubles and don´t want to ram your objective (which sometimes the soviet pilots were instructed to do so), dive as low as you can and run for home, missiles weren´t too reliables at that time and a gun was loooong needed, so that will be corrected in the next variant.


If i forget to mention anyone who worked in the plane, my apologies, just let me know and i will correct it.




Hope you have fun with it.


Enoc Marquez AKA Flogger23


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I like this! :good:


wheel on ground please:


RollingRadius=0.32 <------------------------ change this

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sometimes, lowering the rolling radi REALLLY screws up ground handling.  If it's moving ok now, I'd leave it alone


SF2 reads the wheel's axle position differently from SF1 and can induce some awfully strange behaviours!!

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Guys, Cliff is helping me with some fixes, i will upload it as a quick fix as soon as i have it and test it :D

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