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Selling Some Stuff on Ebay

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I'm having a bit of a clear out and am selling a load of books & games on ebay.co.uk


Books include paperbacks by Richard Herman & Harold Coyle amongst others and military & history non-fiction hardbacks & paperbacks.

Games include EAW, Falcon 4.0 & Allied Force, M1TP2, and several of the Janes Flight sims.


I'm loathe to get rid of anything but my daughter's been nagging for a bigger room which means the 'office' has got to relocate to smaller premises and to be honest I'm not going to play most of these games again (I really only play my SF2 installs now).


It's the same for the books. What I know I'll read again I'll keep and the rest have got to go. The non-fiction & reference books I can always find the info on the internet, and I want to read the paperbacks I can download either as .pdf or might even drag myself into the 21st Century and get a Kindle or something.


Anyway, the stuff's on or in the process of going onto ebay - my seller name is allenjb422


Have a look if you're interested. I can also find out postage to non-UK destinations.


We now return you to our regular programming...

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