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Armée de l'air Rafale Mod for SFP V2


This addon represent the folowing versions of the Rafale:


- AdA Rafale B F2/F3/F3R/F3+ and what if F4

- AdA Rafale C F2/F3/F3R/F3+ and what if F4


3D model: Heberth/CadeteBRA, aleks, 76.IAP-Blackbird, ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Templates: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Cockpit: Gux, Marcfighter, Heberth, ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Legs skin: Centurion-1.

pilots: Amokfloo, JAT.

Weapons: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Seat: aleks.

Loadout tga: JAT.

Skins: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Decals: ravenclaw_007, JAT.

Hangar and loading screens : JAT.

Special advisor: peyo.


Sorry if i forgot someone, send me a PM, i will make public apologies.


Animation Keys:

1 - Open canopy (sorry for the collision bug)

0 - Toggle Damocles open/close (useless only eye candy !)



A thanks to the Two more weeks and the AdA-Mod teams to share their works.


A big thanks to all involved of this long term project (first step with aleks in november 2010!).


A special thanks to Marcfighter for the permission to use the pit.


A special special Thanks to ravenclaw_007 who pushes the perfection beyond human capacity. bowdown2.gif.pagespeed.ce.hVyLpGCsBI.gif


in memory of BPAo.


Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms:





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Wahou !


notre fleuron enfin !


I've just tried a few missions with B/C F3/F4 variants : Intercept, CAS, Strike (with ASMP-A ;-)), Air Defense Suppression... I am really impressed by your work. 


You are especially pushing the limits regarding avionics (loadout page, OSF...) !


CAS missions can now be done with a whisky glass in one hand : a load of 6 AASM is kinda efficient !


just a few notes :


- I find the shape of the cockpit of the B variant a bit "strange" 


- I put my Rafale in a spin... never heard of that before... but recovered easily :-)


- roll rate is indescent in high subsonic (maybe a limitation of the game engine ?)


Congratulations guys ! How can i rate the file on download page ?

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A work of art! 


I put the B version into a spin too- but that's with those massive drop tanks-otherwise coming into land I had good control at low speed; she likes precise inputs and a pilot who knows where he wants to go.


Love the stall sound effects! 

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About damn time...! Congrats will definitely download this!

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This is a very good FM Beta! I like it!!! Thanks you to the team.

Edited by Coupi

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Hi the FM is for normal setting, sorry for the hardcore users.

Works fine at hard setting, didn't try to take off though but I can fix that myself, other than that in flight it has it's own temper and I like it, phenomenal acceleration, a bit touchy on controls, overall very reasonable and unique feeling while flying it...

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Just wondering what the story is with the third under wing MICA missile station on the F4 in the download? None of the other variants in the download have it. From what I can tell from searching on line is French operational Rafale don't seem to use it (or can't?) but some test/ demonstration aircraft and the F3 variants for India do? 

Edited by dtmdragon

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