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    • By Viper63a
      SF2 NorthAtlantic "Top Gun" Themed Hi-Res 1024x768 Menu Screens and Music!
      By Viper
      Special thanks to Homefies and Spectre8750 for their contributions that led me here...
      This mod includes custom "Top Gun" themed menu screens, pilots and music. I used the MENU INI files to reuse the music files for different menus. This reduces the size of the package as I don't have duplicates of the same music files for different menus. You should unzip the file and preview the new screens before installing them. I recommend doing this as there are MANY alternate screens I have in there that you might like better.
      If you choose to install these screens, I recommend that you back up your FLIGHT, MENU and PILOTDATA folders in the SF2 Mod folder you're installing this mod into. Just in case you want to go back to your original setup.
      To install, simply unzip and copy the uncompressed FLIGHT, MENU and PILOTDATA folders to your StrikeFighter2 mod folder.
      My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win97 64-bit was..(yours may be different)...
      C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\StrikeFighter2 NorthAtlantic\

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