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I figured while I try to figure out the downloading of aircraft, I might try my hand at making a campaign.


I downloaded the following utilities from this site......




GunEditor 09_08_03






WeaponEditor 09_08_03




I know the 11_05_04 GunEditor pops up a black screen for about a second and then closes. (how do I fix that, or can I utilize another guneditor).


Are there sites where I can download maps to use/modify for the campaign I want to do?


Will the terrain editor be able to utilize the maps I "generate" (download) to "build" terrain features or will I have to go in and "set up" mountain ranges, valleys, etc. with altitudes etc.


Just have a hankering for a campaign idea and am wanting to see how plausible it is.


Thanks for any and all information y'all can share.





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The gun editor runs in Win98 compatability mode (or of course on Win98).

Tbh you probably don't need the gun/weapons editors as most common weapons are in the Weapons Packs & most aircraft are released with realistic .inis for weapons use (or if not someone in the community will do it & post it).


Similarly building your own terrain is a lot of work.

We already have DRV, Europe, Madagascar, Bering Sea, America NW etc. terrains to use & some more terrains coming shortly too. Where do you want the campaign set as maybe the terrain is already available?


There's a Campaign Tutorial in the "SF editing" sticky if you haven't already found it


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