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XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Exeter TODs

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XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Exeter TODs

XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Exeter TODs 12/2/2015


(works with original CD version and new GoG version)


For XvT =w/Bop= Addon, or GoG version (as missions are saved in BoP format)


This package includes 2 sets, of 12 missions each, converted from XWCD for use in XvT/BoP.


Exeter TOD 1:


The Death Star has been destroyed.
Many pilots have been lost, and the Alliance is working hard training replacements. You are one of those replacements, and have just completed your training.
You've been assigned to A-Wing Fighter Squadron F-114 on board the Calamari Cruiser Exeter. Now its up to you to complete the 12 missions that lie ahead.
Can you do it?


Exeter TOD 2:


Your performance in the first Tour of Duty proved your true abilities. You have now been assigned to F-54, the highest decorated X-Wing fighter/attack squadron in the Rebel Alliance. Can you make it?


These are to be used/placed into your ...Balence of Power/Combat folder.
Most of these missions have additional goals, messages (which are sometimes used as in-game hints), and "eye candy" added.


As always, PLEASE read this enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions. Give the "Note" section a read too, for well, notes! The author's original docs are included, for historical purposes.


Good luck and good flying!
Kevin Stein


Original set by Glenn Price, for XWCD circa 1993


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