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XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Revolt on Draketh V & Return to Draketh

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XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Revolt on Draketh V & Return to Draketh

XvT/BoP Alliance Operation: Revolt on Draketh V & Return to Draketh 12/01/2015


For XvT -with- BOP add on (both original CD & new GoG version)


This package contain 2 sets of 12 mission each, in chronological order.


Revolt on Draketh V:
One of the major systems (Draketh V) that the Alliance had hoped would join the Rebellion against the Empre, has just fallen into Civil War. The dissidents that started this dispute are a group of Drakethians who refuse to live by Draketh V's governmental laws. This is a new group with few resources at their disposal; much like the early Rebel Alliance. Known as the Chasekk Directive, this group has begun to attack many vulnerable Alliance convoys in order to obtain supplies and weapons for their own use...
Return to Draketh:
The Alliance, successful in resolving the dispute between Deaketh V and the Chasekk Directive, has now gained the support of the Drakethians. However, the Chasekk Directive (who was secretly working on advanced shield generators during the Draketh V Tour) remains Neutral. They have not yet decided if they will join with the Alliance to Restore the Republic, or the Galactic Empire...


These are to be used/placed into your ...Balance of Power/Combat folder. Each set has it's own folder (part 1- drak, part 2- chas) and the lst reflect a chronological order.


Most of these missions have additional goals, messages (which are sometimes used as in-game hints), and "eye candy" added. To get the maximum points, stay 'in mission' until all goals are achieved.


As always, PLEASE read this enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions. Give the "Note" section a read too, for well, notes! The original readmes for both sets are in their respective folders.


Good luck and good flying!
Kevin Stein


Original mission set for XWCD by Jeremy Lee, circa 199?


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