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Holy Crap That's Nice: Oregon ANG

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Nice paint job!!


not exactly combat low-vis.......

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Nice paint job!!


not exactly combat low-vis.......

There are a lot of eagles in Oregon, so the ennemy may mistake for one of them ?

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    • By Spinoee

      View File F-15EX Eagle II Mod for DCS World (Beta)
      This is a simple mod that uses the stock F-15EX external model and F-15C cockpit/avionics + custom .LUA files to create a stand-in flyable F-15EX Eagle II.  This mod is currently WIP (fuselage AIM-120 mounting points could use adjustment and ideally the cockpit would have some sort of simple re-skin).  Also uses a Silent Eagle skin for the time being.  No A/G capability at the moment (other than of course strafing).
      Installation: Just extract the .7z file and drop it into Saved Games/DCS/mods/aircraft (or Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/mods/aircraft depending on which version you have). 
      Submitter Spinoee Submitted 02/09/2022 Category DCS Aircraft Mods  
    • By Spinoee
      This is a simple mod that uses the stock F-15EX external model and F-15C cockpit/avionics + custom .LUA files to create a stand-in flyable F-15EX Eagle II.  This mod is currently WIP (fuselage AIM-120 mounting points could use adjustment and ideally the cockpit would have some sort of simple re-skin).  Also uses a Silent Eagle skin for the time being.  No A/G capability at the moment (other than of course strafing).
      Installation: Just extract the .7z file and drop it into Saved Games/DCS/mods/aircraft (or Saved Games/DCS.openbeta/mods/aircraft depending on which version you have). 
    • By orsin

      View File F-15C MSIP Cockpit Repaint
      This is a quick repaint of the existing F-15C cockpit released on F-15 Superpack Redux 2016. I believe it has already been repainted by Viper63 back a while, however a few artifacts lead to my decision to redo the color and give it a TW color tone.
      Extract the  entire folder to <your SF2 mod folder>/Objects/Aircraft /F-15C    . When prompt to overwrite existing files, choose "Yes"    
      Original Cockpit Texture: Kesselburt
      Last Repaint: Viper63
      Legal Stuff
      This file is released under Combatace Community Freeware Licence and shall not be used in any payware without prior consent.
      Submitter orsin Submitted 01/06/2018 Category Jet Cockpits  
    • By clim995
      Okay, so I'm not exactly sure where to post this AAR (This is my first), but I guess I'll just leave this here.
      Mods used:
      Kuril terrain by Gepard
      JASDF F-15CJ_Kai by ace888
      Kuril F-15 Shootdown Incident 1985.
      (Please bear in mind, this is a totally ahistorical what-if scenario for fun. absolutely nothing was paid attention to the accuracy of paint jobs, markings, and units operating in the area.)
      The Soviet Union has occupied the Kurils since August 1945, a major,
      lasting irritant to its proud island neighbor, Japan.
      In the 1970s, with Japan's ascension into the world stage as a major
      Global economic power, nationalistic sentiments grew. The Status of the
      The Kuril Islands is once more brought into question.
      In response, the Soviet Union denounced Japan as a "superstitious feudal
      puppet", closed its Embassy and fortified the island with surface to air
      Missiles and a Naval infantry brigade. 
      To add insult to the injury, they re-named the Kurils "Ponomarev Islands"
      in 1982 after the Soviet naval commander that oversaw the Kuril invasion
      operation who died in the same year.
      Japan's military build-up has commenced in the 1970s with the
      modernization of its Air Forces. The high mark came in 1981 with the
      acquisition of the unmatched F-15C Air Superiority Fighters. 
      There were also talks of acquiring F-16 Fighter-Bombers, an act that would
      ultimately imperil Soviet control of the Area in case of an open
      This so-deeply disturbed the Soviet Politburo, especially the new General
      Secretary Yuri Andropov (still recovering from his kidney transplant
      surgery) that they rushed the development and production of the first
      Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker squadrons to December 1984. 
      Then they were immediately rushed to the Far East Military District in
      April 1985, along with the new Buk Surface-to-Air Missiles, ignoring the
      loud protest of Soviet commanders in East Germany.
      (due to the extreme remoteness of the Kurils and the severe logistics
      problems, by the time the shootdown happened in May 1985 however, most of
      the Flankers were still in crates, waiting to be assembled.)
      Pilots 2nd Lieutenant Nishikawa, Yuuji. A native of Saga prefecture.
      Graduate of National Defence Academy class of 1981. Flew F-4Js, training for the F-15J with the 16th in 1985.
      2nd Lieutenant Kana, Haru (wingman), Kanagawa prefecture, a graduate of the
      National Defence Academy class of 1983. Training for the F-15J with the 16th in 1985.
      Unit, 16th Flight Training Squadron (with the color and markings of the 23rd Hikotai). Nakashibetsu Airport. Suspected of conducting low-level reconnaissance and intel gathering flights over Kurils since 1982.

      The Shootdown:
      (based on incomplete fragments recovered by the Soviet Union, as the official data has allegedly been "lost" by the Japan Air Self Defence Forces headquarters.)
      On May 11, 1985, at approximately 10:30 am when two F-15Js, Piloted by 2nd Lt. Nishikawa and his wingman, 2nd Lt.Kana took off from Nakashibetsu Airport on a routine familiarization flight.
      Upon takeoff, they were immediately tracked by Soviet radars. For some reason, the two pilots continued on their path.
      A single missile was fired when they entered the Soviet Airspace, the two F-15s dipped down below radar.
      2nd Lieutenant Nishikawa, pulled up to avoid a mountain. the radar was back on tracking him but the RWR beeped another missile fired. 2nd Lt. Nishikawa attempted to evade once more but the missile was clearly not a Sa-2 like it was before. (Soviets would later reveal that it was their new Buk Missile System that shot him down.) 

      11:05:39, 2nd Lt. Nishikawa was hit by an unknown Surface to Air missiles on his right-wing, the shrapnel peppered the jet canopy, instantly killing him. He crashed near the Mendeleyevo Air Defence Base No. 1.
      With the lead pilot dead, the inexperienced 2nd Lt. Kana immediately panicked and slammed forward the throttle, (unwittingly flying further north, deeper into Soviet territory.)
      At 11:07:59, Anti-Air artillery open fires on 2nd Lt. Kana, putting the inexperienced pilot in a hard position: rise and get shot down by SAM or get shot down by AAAs. The panicked pilot then regained his senses and decides his only chance at survival is to veer east, exiting through the Pacific Ocean while dropping chaffs to avoid SAMs.

      The Soviets scrambled several dozen MiG-23 interceptors just as 2nd Lt. Kana exited the Pacific Ocean.

       he found himself swarmed by MiGs. An ensuing air battle erupted and 2nd Lt. Kana fought bitterly to the end, managing to shoot down 2 MiG-23s, one with a head-on AIM-7 sparrow kill and another with AIM-9 Sidewinder.  (3 claimed by a U.S E-2 Hawkeye, observing the battle.)

      2nd Lt. Kana was overwhelmed by a salvo of R-60M Aphid Infrared missiles and he was hit in the engine on 11:19:50.

      His F-15J burned and finally broke apart and crashed in the Pacific on 11:20:22 off Iturup Island. Soviet pilots claimed they saw 2nd Lt. Kana eject and a chute but his body was never found. 

      (Damn! it seems that I've reached the 1.9MB limit so I had to cut this short, unfortunately.)
      The Soviets were put on the highest alert and the Politburo recommended a massive retaliatory strike on Hokkaido, but General Secretary Andropov dismissed the idea. The shootdown of two F-15J, by their Buk surface to air missiles and MiG-23 interceptors still proved that the Soviet Air Forces, with its aging but vast air inventory could still overwhelm Modern but thinly stretched western air forces in an open battle. The Soviets basked in the political victory and the technical knowledge gained from salvaging the F-15Js. By April 1985, Su-27 Flankers have begun to patrol the Kuril Islands and further Japanese Air Self-Defence Forces incursions were discouraged. Secretary-General Andropov died in 1996 and Soviet-Japan relations were not restored until 2000.
      Late-1985, Early-1986.
      Both 2nd Lt. Nishikawa and Kana were awarded the wound medal posthumously.

      The shootdown was a massive scandal in Japan. Japanese leftist opposition politicians accused the Prime Minister of violating Japan's pacifist constitution. The nationalist Japanese cabinet collapsed with the Prime Minister's resignation.
      The planned acquisition of the Japanese F-16 was suspended indefinitely, until the introduction of the Mitsubishi F-2A (Japan's homegrown tactical fighter based on the F-16) in 2001.
      The entire JASDF general staff was put on inquiry and forced to early retirement, while the 16th's wing commander attempted seppuku, only to be rescued by enlisted personnel wandering in the woods.

    • By Viper63a

      View File ODS Warbirds: F-15C\D\E Eagle ODS30 Squadrons
      SF2 F-15C\D\E Eagle ODS30 Squadrons
      This pack contains the stand-alone version of the F-15C\D\E Eagle aircrafts from "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary". This mod contains accurate ODS livery, nose art and serial numbers from ODS. This is just a sample of what you will find in the expansive "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" pack. If you like this mod and want (much much) more! Please check out the "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" mod here...
      !! DO NOT INSTALL THIS MOD into the "Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary" pack. That pack already has these aircrafts, customized for the ODS30 theater!
      * Source: 
      * Included Jets: 
      F-15C Eagle
      F-15D Eagle
      F-15E Strike Eagle
      1) Copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" folder into your mod folder and over-write if required.
      2) Update your "...\Flight\SOUNDLIST.INI" with the contents of the "Add F15 SoundList.txt". Please don't forget to maintain the number sequence in the sound list.
      3) Check, ensure (or update) all the squadrons in this pack is in your "SQUADRONLIST.INI" file. Once you look at that file, you will know what to do. 
      * Please note that some squadrons may have multiple CO planes, this is not a mistake. Rather than just picking one CO, I am representing all the COs for that squardon during the period. So both COs could pop up in given scenario. I rather have them than cut them so...it's only a game...
      * Tweaked and Tested by the ODS30 team!
      * Mod Direction and Optimization - Menrva
      * Additional Data and Weapons improvements - Yakarov79.
      * Additional Sound tweaks and updates - Guuruu.
      * Accurate Skins and Decals - Viper63a
      Thanks and Enjoy!
      Previous versions....This mod is a ODS specific subset of these other mods...
      Updated Mod Pack: SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2020 & F-15 Strike Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018 - The Mudhen Team (Viper63a, Spudknocker, Fanatic Modder, RavenClaw_007, JAT81500, Hi Ho Silvers)
      Original Mod Packs: FastCargo's Eagle Pack...
      Thanks to the following folks:
      TK - For the ThirdWire series of sims.
      The Mirage Factory - For the nice F-15D MSIP aircraft...in particular Flying Toaster, wpnssgt, and Dave for making the F-15 MAX files available for me to play with.
      Kei Nagase - For the awesome skins for the F-15 ACTIVE.
      AleDucat - For the nice ACES II ejection seat models.
      Deuces - For the F-15 Afterburner and weapon effects.
      Diego - For the Modern USAF Pilot skins.
      Fubar512 - For the FM work.
      JimmyBib - For the F-15C cockpit flight control textures.
      MoonJumper - Avionics work.
      Sundowner - Textures.
      USAFMTL/Dave - Decals.
      Wpnssgt - Models, Textures.
      Kesselburt - Original F-15C cockpit.
      Kout - Loading and Hanger Screens.
      Kct - Textures and decals for the F-15SG.
      Brain32 - Improved/new textures for F-15C cockpit.
      Mago - F-15E Cockpit.
      331KillerBee - SF2 Weapons Pack (basis for some of the weapons included).
      Lexx Luthor - Siberian Sky Experimental 3-D Rocket Exhaust
      JAT81500 - F-15E Cockpit avionics and HUD work and new Sniper Pod skin.
      To my fellows at Combatace for helping me beta test and work out bugs.
      Any errors or mistakes are entirely mine.
      * Please see the "~Original Readme" folder for original credits and previous contributors. All credit goes to those who came before me. Without them, this pack would not be possible. 
      Submitter Viper63a Submitted 06/28/2021 Category F-15  

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