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I'm fully aware it's like throwing a message in a bottle at sea, but as Lino Ventura would say "Les cons ça osent tout. C'est même à ça qu'on les reconnaît".




Here's my pony request :


Is there a way to have the F4U/AU-1 TMF / MM LODs :


- edited, 0,0,0 xyz point moved 2.05 meters forward and 0.04709 meters lower (or the model moved back by 2.05 meters and raised by 0.04709 meters)


- and exported to be used in 1st gen install (patch 08)




At least the AU-1 LODs (1 + 3 low details) would be cool (...as a start)


Anyway, thanks for reading  :drinks:

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1) the MAX files no longer exist. It is as it is


2) it already is 1stGen -- just look at the LOD dates; they predate SF2 by a number of years (original release in 2006)

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