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Eagle114th needs support!

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He is trying to convince a gaming company that makes PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, an MMO needs a text chat for deaf players like him and for non verbal players like myself. PUBG isn't my kind of game but I'm supporting him for all disabled gamers. Here's his subtitled VLOG.




Below is discussion threads on various forums and FB


Facebook link:




PUBG - Steam discussion page - Suggestion section:

Topic - Suggestion - Text chat NEEDED for Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers!:




Topic - Suggestion - Add the speech to text in-game feature.:




PUBG Forum:

Topic - Deaf Suport:




Topic - chat-box:




We need to teach the naysers on why disabled gamers need this and regular subtitles like in SF2! Please share Eagle114th's vlog and passion!


Erik aka Falcon

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No kidding. Even those of us without the issue often need that for those times when you can't make noise and speaking or listening are out.


At some point I've played almost every game I own with no sound for some period, some longer than others. With subtitles and chat and other indicators I can play successfully in most games. The experience is lesser, certainly, but it was either play the game that way or not play it at all.


PUBG has made a ton of money, it's not struggling, it can afford to have these relatively inexpensive features. It's not like rewriting for DX12 or something!

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